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July 12 Before we jump in to what you can expect on July 15 when you meet your new backup, we wanted to share a few words from our game director, Elie Benhamou:. After you download the update and log in, you will be introduced to your new backup through an introduction video that will also show you how to operate them with maximum efficiency.

The teammates can be activated or deactivated via the same menu at any time while in a solo session. Once you activate your AI teammates, they will wait for you outside of Erewhon whenever you return to it. If you fast travel to a different location, they will be at the destination with you when you arrive!

The challenges in the raid require communication and coordination among players that will not be possible with AI teammates. When you first activate your teammates, you will meet Fury, Fixit, and Vasily! They come with their own look and customization preset based on their spec-op background. You can read more about their backstories here. They will be able to use any customization item or full icons you own to create a cohesive squad aesthetic or highlight a unique look.

We cannot wait to see the squads you will create! Be sure to share screenshots of you with your squad and tag us on Twitter GhostRecon. Please note that the stats of your teammates will not change based on the gear they have equipped, both in Immersive and Regular Mode.

Any customization change is purely cosmetic! You can paste any customization you have on Nomad to each AI Teammate. However, you will not be able to mass apply a customization across all teammates at once.

Each of the teammates will have five visual palettes available for you to save your custom looks and swap between them easily. Each teammate will always carry two primary weapons. The first, you will be able to change and customize. Otherwise, the AI Teammates will use your chosen primary weapon for all engagements, including Sync Shots.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

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To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. But before you set off on your adventure, there are a few things you should know about loot. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is just as much of a looter-shooter as it is a tactical shooter. Sneaking skills and headshots are important, but making sure you have the best armor and guns equipped should also be a priority.

Each piece of gear in Breakpoint has a number attached to it. The higher the number the better the gear. Enemies in Breakpoint have their own gear level. As you get into harder areas, the enemies will become harder as well. The only exception to this is weapons.

Pick the best version of the weapon types that fit your playstyle. The best way to find gear in Breakpoint is to open enemy storage crates. You can find these all over the map, but most of the time you can find them in small compounds and villages occupied by enemy soldiers. The gear from these crates is random, but will often be an upgrade over what you have equipped. There are dozens of weapons to find and unlock around the world of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

You can customize each weapon in the gunsmith menu, adding attachments like extended magazines, higher magnification optics, or under-barrel attachments that reduce recoil. These attachments are hidden around the map and need to be found before you can use them, but suppressors come standard with almost every gun in the game. Picking one up will often bring up a list of attachments. The best options in these cases are almost always scopes. Having a variety of scopes will give you more options on how you engage the enemy, including taking safer, long-range fights.

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint beginners guide to armor, guns and attachments

The most northern end of Auroa, Cape North consists of islands separated by a small sliver of the sea. At the larger island is a mountain covered by a dense forest. Driftwood Islands is made up of a cluster of small islands to the east of Cape North. Some islands are close to each other, but some will require a boat to get to.

A salt marsh with a growing garden of mangrove at its center. The Sinking Country also includes the Coal Islands to the east. Mount Hodgson hides the Erewhon base within its mountains.

Due to the steep climb, it's a safe haven for anyone trying to escape from the military force on the island. Large meadows show up amidst circles of trees around the road. The Good Hope Mountain has forests and lakes within its area.

A very dangerous place to be in, the Restricted Area 01 is patrolled constantly by military troops. Travelling here is not recommended for anyone trying to just get by. Liberty is one of the largest provinces in Auroa. This is where the state-of-the-art Auroa Hospital can be found. A small island situated in the Resolution Channel, Egg Island will require air or water travel to get to. As an open world game, you're free to explore and discover new locations in Auroa at your leisure.

Just be careful as there might be enemies lurking around. Unlock Fast Travel points to be make traversing through the island much easier. Bivuoacs can be set up in specific points of the island to act as a rest place and fast travel point. There are numerous vehicles you can use to get around the island. Fly in a helicopter or drive around in a motorcycle, the choice is yours.

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Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Ghost Recon Breakpoint.Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Alphabetical Overview List - All Collectibles.

Alphabetical Overview List - All Blueprints. Windy Islands. Windy Islands Overview. All Bivouac Locations. All Collectibles Locations. All Weapons and Attachment Locations. VIP Profiles. World Lore. Weapons Blueprints. Assault Rifles. Sniper Rifles SNR. Attachments Blueprints. Game Index. Release Dates. Find the Overview List with direct links here! It's a ruined house. You can walk up the dead tree to get to the collectible.

The Info is in the western border of the Channels Area. It's on the island west of the Navy Fuelling Station. Gold Prospector part 2 - Location Overview maps. Follow the stream to get below the Drone Station.

Down here is a little hole with tracks. The note is in the Sinking Country area. It's an old house on stilts and the collectible is up there on a barrel. The note is in the Channels Area in the very south at Harbor Cove. It's a wrecked house in a tree. Walk on the dead tree to get up there. After crawling underneath a beam you will find the collectible on a barrel.Rosebud is a South Carolina country girl from a family of soldiers.

She moved around a bit with her family when she was young, but her father retired from the United States Army at the ten-year mark. After that, he started taking military contracts, setting the example for his daughter. She has an older brother, Bob James Keller. Formerly a team leader in the st Airborne DivisionBob lost his left leg, mid-shin, during a deployment to Afghanistan. Rosebud dreamed of being a Rangerbut when she enlisted at 18, there were no spots available for women in Ranger Battalion, so she enlisted in the 82nd ABN.

Supposedly as a joke, her command allowed her to attend sniper school, believing she would fail colossally. Rosebud shocked everyone by breaking every shooting record that existed.

On her first deployment, she scored a cold-bore, first round hit at meters, making it the largest first round kill on record. This action caught the attention of a number of different organizations within the United States Department of Defenseand a few outside of it; in particular a CIA liaison closely associated with Peter Miles and Cole D. Halfway through her second combat tour, she was approached directly by Walker, and within 24 hours, was permanently reassigned.

She has been with the former Colonel and the Wolves ever since. Being a woman in a world of men, she's learned to exploit her strengths, turning herself into a consummate warrior, strong enough to terrify any soldier on the battlefield. Known for being an excellent shot and patient in the blind, Rosebud also has a reputation for cutting loose when she's off the clock.

This leaves her co-workers divided on how much they can trust her; she has never failed on a mission, however.

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She considers the other Wolves like her family. She does not date coworkers. The other Hunters treat her like a younger sister, which she does not mind, especially when she needs a ride home from a bar. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Nomad 1 Ghost Recon. Universal Conquest Wiki.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. In the Bivouac, you can use the Preparations tab to eat, clean your weapons, hydrate, stretch, and more to temporarily provide buffs to your stats.

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The Bivouac also gives access to skill loadout changes, allowing players to shift their roles if they're playing on multiplayer or co-op mode. They can also switch out their gear or upgrade weapons.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Map Size - How big is it?

You can pick up a lot materials for crafting as you go through your adventures in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You can craft consumables in the Bivouac such as syringes, C4, mines, and grenades. The Bivouac also gives players access to the in-game shop which carries weapons, armor, and even cosmetic items such as skins. Ghosts can also summon vehicles when in a Bivouac camp.

When they exit the camp, the vehicle can be found near the Bivouac. Right before you exit the Bivouac, you can choose to retain or move the time of day. This is useful if you feel more comfortable working on your mission objectives during a specific time of day. When you're near a Bivouac camp, you can see the symbol of a tent in the area. When you go near the symbol, you'll be able to deploy the Bivouac. Bivouac locations are a bit tricky to find as there are many question marks in the map.

If you don't want to move too much, deploy your Drone and search nearby areas for a Bivouac location.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Map Size; Here’s How It Compares to Wildlands

When you see an exclamation point in the field, these are Intel Clues. Make sure to check them out as they can contain information and unlock Bivouac locations. The Bivouac is a temporary camp that Ghosts can deploy to do a variety of things - prep for a skirmish, fix their loadout, summon vehicles, and even purchase gear from the Shop.

When you've unlocked a Bivouac location, you can use these as fast travel points. This makes traversing the Auroa Archipelago easier and faster. All Rights Reserved. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly.

Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Tweet Share. Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Looks like nobody posted here yetGhost Recon has been a staple in the First Person Shooter scene for a long time.

Almost 2 decades of high paced, gun-slinging action has lead to some fairly intense main storylines. Many players have always thrown the story to the side and been strictly focused on the online aspect of the game, and vice versa. While we get enthralled in all the different aspects of the game, some pretty interesting missions get ignored.

Sometimes it's just a small laughable thing or a whole character arc that brings some life to the game. While a lot of the more unique and light-hearted content can be missed in lieu of a heavy storyline. One minute you're walking along the southwest side of the channels province, the next you see a small red balloon floating out of the sewer.

For most who know the warning, it's the universal sign to get out of there. Alas, the adventurous ones will be compelled to investigate further.

Luckily for the reckless few among us, all there is to be found is a dead body face down in the water. No Pennywise, no blood-curdling screams. Just a friendly reminder that no matter where you go, even a virtual wilderness, the clown is probably watching. There's no need for any extensive travel to check this out as it's on the roof of Skell Tech's head office.

Once you arrive you'll see a uniform line of toy unicorns that look incredibly out of place. There has been some speculation as to what it all means with no definitive answer being found. However, if you go to the closest emergency centre you'll find another one that has ANDY written on it, indicating a shoutout to Toy Story. This one is for all the Hip Hop heads out there, you're not forgotten. To stumble across this gem you may have to search a bit at the edge of Restricted Area 1 in the giant dam.

A chopper will be required to fly up to the center of the dam wall. As you stroll into the vent you will see white writing across the wall that says Wu-Tang Is Forever. Whether you love or hate the game, you have to respect the dedication. Though there isn't any slick merch to be had hint, hint the shoutout is appreciated by the community.

If you're a Ghost Recon veteran then you'll know all about the history with large primates. Having a massive Yeti chase in Wildlands, people won't be so easily fooled this time. Which is why they have stepped up the suspense from clue number 1.

All Stashes Collectibles Locations

Good Hope Mountain will be where to search around until you stumble upon a cave opening. You'll know it when you see it by the massive claw marks surrounding the entrance, also the unfortunate backpacker inside.

Generations React To Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer And Gameplay

What kind of Easter Egg ridden game would it be without a little Indiana Jones? Sugar Loaf mountain will be the starting point for this sidetrack. Be wary though, this little mission will have you bouncing around the map to different camps in search of tablet pieces. Once you have them all you will be sent to Camp North where you'll meet an active shooter holding a researcher hostage. Getting through all this you will have to put the now completed tablet in the door.

While you won't run into quite as much treasure, it sure will take you on an adventure. The ominous technology company you've been hearing mention of here or there. One of the newer features players get to play with is the heat map, something you will need to begin uncovering the Skell Tech secrets.

At the bottom left-hand side of the map, you will see Skell Technology listed, besides this is a series of binary code.

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